8. Information Visualization

Half Day / Intermediate

This course gives participants a working knowledge of effective visualization approaches for presenting information. Visual representation of information requires merging data visualization methods, computer graphics, design, and imagination. In contrast with scientific spatial data, information spaces are abstract and different from physical data spaces and thus require different visualization approaches. The course covers types of information and visualization of retrieved information in the World Wide Web (browsing and searching), large document collections, and databases. Attendees learn about usability studies and how to make sense of information with visualization. Practical applications are illustrated through specific case studies on and off the Internet.

Who Should Attend
People who would like to improve interaction of users with information, would like to be able to produce effective presentations on the World Wide Web with scientific visualization, and would like to extend the scope of their work.

Nahum D. Gershon
The MITRE Corporation

Stuart Card
Xerox PARC

Stephen Eick
AT&T Bell Laboratories


1:30 pm: Introduction - Nahum Gershon

What is visualization
Course outline and schedule

1:40 pm: Types of visualized information - Stephen G. Eick

Text (structure and contents)
Long lists and tables

2:10 pm: Visualization of retrieved information - Stuart Card

Large collections of documents
Small collections of documents
Single documents

2:40 pm: Aspects of information visualization - Nahum Gershon

Information visualization versus scientific data visualization
Understanding the new media of computers and visual computing and display

3:00 pm: Break

3:15 pm: Visualizing the Internet & the World Wide Web (WWW) - Nahum Gershon

Browsing the WWW
Searching the WWW
Building one's own information space
Designing WWW pages

3:45 pm: Making Sense of Information - Stuart Card

4:15 pm: Usability considerations - Stephen G. Eick

4:45 pm: Perceptual considerations - Nahum Gershon

4:55 pm: Case Studies

Software and network information - Stephen G. Eick
Information analysis - Nahum Gershon

5:25 pm: Discussion and Resources - Stuart Card, Stephen G. Eick, & Nahum Gershon

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