5. Design and Application of Object-Oriented 3D Graphics and Visualization Systems

Half Day / Intermediate

3D graphics and object-oriented systems have emerged as premier technologies for creation of flexible, extensible, and intuitive software applications. This course shows you how to design your own applications to take advantage of object-oriented techniques and methods in 3D graphics and visualization.

Who Should Attend
Users, developers, and researchers of 3D graphics and visualization systems, or practitioners who want to use graphics and visualization in their own applications.

William Schroeder
General Electric Corporate Research and Development

William Lorensen
Kenneth Martin
General Electric Corporate Research and Development

Tom Citriniti
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Jean Favre
Swiss Center for Scientific Computing


1:30 pm: Design Issues - Lorensen / Martin

Object-oriented design
Functional and object modeling
Issues: Compiled vs. interpreted languages, Multiple vs. single inheritance, etc.
Graphics Object Design (including portability issues)
Visualization Object Design
User Interaction

3:00 pm: Break

3:15 pm: Design Issues (continued) - Lorensen / Martin

3:30 pm: Implementation - Schroeder / Favre

Open Inventor
AVS / Express
The Visualization Toolkit

4:30 pm: Applications - Citriniti

VRML Browser
Stereo-lithography viewer
Scientific Visualization (Medical, CFD. Finite Element)
Multi-variate visualization (financial)

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