37. So Real I Can Almost Touch It: The Use of Touch as an I/O Device for Graphics and Visualization

Full Day / Intermediate

The sense of touch is under-exploited as an input/output device for computer graphics and scientific visualization. This course explores various tactile technologies and how to adapt them for use in human-computer interaction.

Who Should Attend
Graphics users who are working to enhance the human-computer interface by any means possible. The course is designed for the intermediate attendee, someone who has moderate 3D graphics programming experience and is now hoping to enhance that experience with knowledge of haptic input devices.

Mike Bailey
University of California at San Diego

David Johnson
TiNi Alloy Company

Thomas Massie
SensAble Devices, Inc.

Russell Taylor
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Mark Yim
Stanford University


8:30 am: Welcome, Goals of this Course - Bailey

8:40 am: The Haptic Device Spectrum - Yim

9:20 am: Virtual Touch Through Point Interaction I - Massie

10:00 am: Break

10:15 am: Virtual Touch Through Point Interaction II - Massie

10:45 am: Tactile Feedback - Johnson

12 noon: Break

1:30 pm: Programming Force Feedback Devices - Taylor

2:15 pm: Applications for Kinesthetic Vibro-tactile Feedback - Yim

3:00 pm: Break

3:15 pm: Solid Rapid Prototyping - Bailey

4:15 pm: General discussion, See the samples and demos - come on down! - Bailey

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