23. Programming with OpenGL: Advanced Rendering

Half Day / Intermediate

Moving beyond the straightforward images generated by the novice, this course demonstrates the more sophisticated and novel techniques that are possible with the OpenGL library. Explanations of the concepts and demonstrations of the techniques required to generate images of greater realism and utility provide deeper insights into OpenGL functionality and computer graphics concepts.

Who Should Attend
Developers who need to generate more challenging or realistic images using OpenGL, anyone interested in the practical application of advanced rendering techniques, and application developers who want to use OpenGL with increased understanding and competence.

Tom McReynolds
Silicon Graphics, Inc.

David Blythe
Silicon Graphics, Inc.


8:30 am: Introduction

8:35 am: Texture Mapping

High Quality Mip Maps
Rendering Large Images
Image Warping with Textures
Antialiasing with Textures
Projective Textures

9:05 am: Multipass rendering

Reflections and Refractions
Phong Shading

9:35 am: Using the Stencil Buffer

Dissolves with Stencil
Decals with Stencil
Finding Depth Complexity
Constructive Solid Geometry

10:00 am: Break

10:15 am: Using the Accumulation Buffer

Motion Blur
Depth of Field
Image Processing

10:45 am: Shadows, 3 Different Flavors

Degenerate Projection
Shadow Map
Shadow Volumes

11:15 am: Summary, Question & Answers

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