22. OpenGL and Window System Integration

Half Day / Intermediate

Development options for writing portable, high-performance, OpenGL programs for the X Window System. In addition to the standard Xlib and Motif interfaces, the course introduces high-level toolkits and alternative OpenGL interfaces for non-X11 systems such as Win32, OS/2, and the Macintosh. It also explains how OpenGL is accelerated by various classes of 3D graphics hardware and how to tune the performance of OpenGL applications for these common hardware classes.

Who Should Attend
X or OpenGL programmers who want to learn how to write OpenGL programs that cleanly, efficiently, and portably interface with the X Window System. Also: programmers planning to port X11-based OpenGL applications to other window systems.

Mark Kilgard
Silicon Graphics, Inc.

Brian Paul
University of Wisconsin-Madison


1:30 pm: Brief review of OpenGL's GLX - Kilgard

Contexts & drawables
OpenGL 1.1, GLU 1.1, GLX 1.2

1:45 pm: OpenGL development choices - Paul

Toolkit choices: Xlib, Motif, Tcl/Tk, & GLUT
Mesa, a free OpenGL alternative
Other languages: Fortran & ADA
Higher level toolkits: Open Inventor, IRIS Performer
Java & OpenGL

2:25 pm: OpenGL and Widget Sets - Kilgard

Using OpenGL with the standard Motif drawing area widget
The OpenGL Motif widget
The OpenGL generic widget
A new OpenGL widget

3:00 pm: Break

3:15 pm: Advanced Topics - Kilgard

The X input extension for exotic input devices
Using overlays and underlays
Stereo support
Hardcopy output
Debugging support

3:45 pm: Portability issues - Paul

GLX/X11 visuals, colormaps
Organizing a graphics application for portability
Transitioning from IRIS GL & other 3D libraries
Cross-window system OpenGL development including comparison of OpenGL integration APIs: X11's GLX, NT's WGL, OS/2's PGL, Mac's AGL Using OpenGL extensions portably

4:25 pm: Squeezing out performance - All

Classes of OpenGL hardware acceleration
Tuning: Bottlenecks vs. hot-spots
Performance on soft OpenGL implementations
Frequent questions and answers (glDrawPixels, etc)

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