21. Intermediate Digital Compositing

Half Day / Intermediate

This course continues where Introduction to Digital Compositing ends. It summarizes how elements are prepared and repaired before compositing and explains several more advanced techniques typically used to seamlessly integrate images from multiple sources. Specific examples from real-world productions are discussed and analyzed.

Who Should Attend
Anyone who needs to create an image or sequence of images that contains elements from different sources. The course is presented from a production viewpoint, but the concepts apply to graphic design, engineering, scientific visualization, and fine art.

Ron Brinkmann
Sony Pictures Imageworks

Gary Jackemuk
Digital Domain

Jerome Chen
Sony Pictures Imageworks


1:30 pm: Introduction - Brinkmann

Montage of composites we have worked on, and terminology and review of part 1, including matte/image relationships.

1:45 pm: Preparation of elements - Brinkmann/Chen

Lighting, background plates, green/blue screens, filmgrain, set measurements and survey data, etc.

2:30 pm: What to do if you could not control the preparation - Jackemuk/Brinkmann

Tracking/stabalization, rig and wire removal, paintouts, warping, when to use matte paintings.

3:00 pm: Break

3:15 pm: What makes a composite good, what to add - All

Shadows and how to fake shadows, black levels
Motion blur, camera shake, adding and matching grain
Atmosphere (dust, fog, smoke, lens flairs)
Interactive lighting

4:00 pm: Demo of composite from the film Speed - Brinkmann

4:15 pm: Demo of composite from Mercedes Benz Rhinos commercial - Jackemuk

4:30 pm: Discussion of softare used and questions - All

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