2. 3D Graphics Programming With QuickDraw 3D

Half Day / Intermediate

An overview of and programming introduction to QuickDraw 3D, a customer-driven, cross-platform, extensible 3D graphics architecture available for Windows 95, Windows NT, and MacOS. QuickDraw 3D offers a rich set of geometries, metafile support, a user interface layer, and a plug-in architecture to extend the core API.

The course includes real-world examples of QuickDraw 3D-based applications, as well as other samples and demos. Course materials, especially the CD-ROM, allow attendees with knowledge of C programming to develop a working QuickDraw 3D application.

Who Should Attend
Application and scientific programmers or technical managers involved in developing 3D graphics applications or 3D graphics software components (plug-in renderers, shaders, and geometries). The course is particularly recommended for anyone interested in adopting or replacing a commercial and cross-platform 3D graphics library for application development.

Fábio Pettinati
Apple Computer, Inc.

Pablo Fernicola
Robert Dierkes
Richard Lawler
Philip Schneider
Apple Computer, Inc.


1:30 pm: Introduction - Fábio Pettinati

Background, motivation, and history of QuickDraw 3D
Market position
Course outline and schedule

2 pm: Architecture - Pablo Fernicola

QuickDraw 3D architecture overview
Basic object classes
Programming paradigm
Extensible features
Overview of hardware acceleration

2:45 pm: Plug-Ins and Picking - Robert Dierkes

Plug-in architecture overview

Hit Testing and Picking capabilities
Picking for use in User Interface

3:00 pm: Break

3:15 pm: Plug-Ins and Picking (continued) - Robert Dierkes

3:40 pm: User Interface - Richard Lawler

Overview of User Interface architecture

User Interface widgets
In-scene manipulators

Custom widgets
Input devices architecture
3D navigation on the Web

4:20 pm: File Format and Cross-Platform - Philip Schneider

3DMF file format overview (data types and format)
Custom attributes and extensibility
Using 3DMF as a bridge between platforms
Windows 95/NT and MacOS specific classes

5 pm: Q&A - All

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