19. High-Technology Marketing: An Introduction to Key Concepts and Tools for Strategic Marketing of Technology Products

Half Day / Beginning

This course presents key concepts in strategic marketing that are critical to both startups and established firms. Concepts are presented using Web-based tools and information to show how to develop successful product marketing strategies and plans.

Who Should Attend
All entrepreneurs, product or engineering managers, and executives in startup or established companies who are involved in defining or directing business and marketing strategies.

Randy Nickel
Technology Marketing Consulting

Tim Shetler
Informix Software Inc.


8:30 am: Introduction - Nickel

Introductions and background

Overview of material to be discussed

8:45 am: Key concepts for technology marketing - Nickel

The course first discusses concepts, examples and applications of strategic marketing that are critical to the success of start-up companies and all firms marketing high technology. Key concepts discussed include:
The technology adoption curve. Its significance and use.

The chasm. What sometimes happens to high-tech companies that suddenly see early success turn into deep trouble.

Target customer identification. How to identify target customers.

Whole product: The strategic importance of both tangible and intangible elements of a company's whole product offering.

Competitive positioning.

10:00 am: Break

10:15 am: Applying Web technology to the use of these concepts - Shetler/Nickel

The course then addresses how Web technology can be used in the practical application of some of these key marketing concepts. Ways to capture information available via the internet, and tools for applying that information to the development of strategies for market leadership are discussed.

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