18. Creating and Manipulating Sound to Enhance Computer Graphics II: Applications and Demonstrations

Half Day / Intermediate

Specific applications and demonstrations illustrating the use of sound synthesis to enhance graphics applications. This course presents alternatives to sampling synthesis for those who want to apply more expression in the control of audio. Specific topics include sound in GUI- controlled applications, animations, virtual reality, HTML, and VRML. Source and binary code are available via ftp.

Who Should Attend
Engineers and people interested in sound for long-range development involving virtual environments, VRML, and multimedia.

Perry Cook
Princeton University

Robin Bargar
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Xavier Serra
Pompeu Fabra University

Adrian Freed
University of California, Berkeley


1:30 pm: Welcome, overview, introductions - Cook

1:35 pm: An Introduction to using the Software - Cook/Serra/Freed

FM, Modal, and Subtractive Synthesis using "Synthesis ToolKit"
Controlling spectral transformations using the SMS software
Physical Models Using the "Synthesis ToolKit"
Real-time Additive Synthesis and Control Using "CAST"
- (CNMAT Additive Synthesis Tools)

2:30 pm: GUI Controlled Sound, WEB Applications, and Animation - Cook/Bargar

Controlling Sound with Basic GUI Controls and MIDI
Sound Connected to Animation software

3:00 pm: Break

3:15 pm: GUI Controlled Sound, WEB Applications, and Animation (continued) - Freed/Serra

Sound Connected to WEB applications
WEB applications for sound transformations and morphing

3:45 pm: Animation Applications and Demos - All

Animations 1
Animations 2
Animations 3

4:15 pm: Web Demos and Guided Tour of Interesting Sites

4:35 pm: Wrap up - Cook

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