17. Creating and Manipulating Sound to Enhance Computer Graphics I: Algorithms and Techniques

Half Day / Intermediate

An introduction to concepts of digital sound synthesis and manipulation: theory, algorithms, and issues in the computation of sound alone and sound combined with graphics. Specific topics include psycho-acoustics, algorithms for audio synthesis and processing, and networked audio. Source and binary code are available via ftp.

Who Should Attend
Engineers and people interested in sound for long-range development involving virtual environments, VRML, and multimedia.

Perry Cook
Princeton University

Robin Bargar
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Xavier Serra
Pompeu Fabra University

Adrian Freed
University of California, Berkeley


8:30 am: Welcome, overview of course, introduction of speakers - Cook

8:35 am: Sound in Digital Media, Some Opening Thoughts - Bargar/Freed

What you Might Be Thinking About Sound
- Isn't Sampling the End?

What We Hope You Will Think About Sound
- If Sampling Isn't The End, What Else is There?

Parallels Between Sound Synthesis and Animation/Rendering
Goals, and How We Propose to Achieve Them
Integrating Sound and Graphics: systems issues

9:15 am: Views of Sound - Serra

Time Domain and Frequency Domain
Production and Perception

9:35 am: Survey of Synthesis and Processing Algorithms - Cook/Serra

Additive Analysis/Synthesis
Subtractive Analysis/Synthesis
Non-Linear Synthesis (FM, WaveShaping)

10:00 am: Break

10:15 am: Survey of Synthesis and Processing Algorithms (continued) - Cook/Serra

Spectral Modeling
Modal Synthesis
Physical Modeling

10:40 am: Controlling and Scripting Sound Synthesis and Processing - Bargar/Freed

Note and Event Lists, MIDI
Relations to HTML, VRML, etc.
Firewire, LAN's
Coherent, multiplatform control from Tcl/TK, Matlab, MAX, Visual Basic, Java, C, C++

11:20 am: Synthesis Platforms, Software Environments, and Computing Issues - Freed

MIDI modules vs. Sound Cards vs. Software Synthesis
Reliable, low latency control and Real-Time Issues
Networked Audio
Synchronization with Gesture and Graphics

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