13. Wavelets in Computer Graphics

Full Day / Intermediate

This course is designed to introduce computer graphics practitioners to the many applications of wavelets: multi-resolution curve and surface modeling, image compression and processing, radiosity and radiance computations, solution of PDEs, and constrained optimization problems. It covers both wavelet fundamentals and application-driven algorithms, which can be put to immediate use by the participants.

Who Should Attend
Practitioners (students, researchers, implementors) in the field of computer graphics who want to come up to speed rapidly on this important new set of tools, as well as people already familiar with wavelets who want to find out about the current state of the art.

Peter Schröder
California Institute of Technology

Wim Sweldens
AT&T Bell Laboratories

David Salesin
University of Washington

Michael Cohen
Microsoft Research

Tony DeRose


8:30 am: Introductory Material - Peter Schröder and Wim Sweldens

The basic idea behind wavelets: exploiting coherence

Multiresolution analysis: looking at the world at different resolutions

A simple example: the Haar transform

Building wavelets: the lifting scheme

The fast wavelet transform

Applications: image compression, image processing (blurring, sharpening, denoising, edge finding)

Classical wavelet construction: filter banks, quadrature mirror filters

How to custom design wavelets: boundaries, irregular samples, weighted approximation, surfaces

Mathematical background: Function spaces, bases, and projections

12 noon: Break

1:30 pm: Applications - David Salesin, Tony DeRose, Peter Schröder, Wim Sweldens, Michael Cohen

David Salesin: Multiresolution curve editing, paint systems, and image query

Tony DeRose: Multiresolution surfaces for compression, display, and editing

Peter Schröder: Fast wavelet based solvers for radiosity and radiance

Wim Sweldens: Functions defined on surfaces: efficient representation and computation

Michael Cohen: Variational surface modeling for interactive design; hierarchical space-time constraints for animation

All: Wrap up: where to find resources? research directions, future outlook

Course Notes

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