Digital Bayou

The Lousiana Bayou is not far from New Orleans, in every direction, and cyberspace surrounds us. Both are rich and complex ecosystems, with rapid speciation and a wealth of evolving lifeforms coexisting and competing for resources and a chance to reproduce. The Digital Bayou presented some of the most advanced interactive and graphics technologies on the planet, co-existing in one vibrant space, teeming with the nutrients for fresh ideas and for the explosive growth of new commercial, research, and entertainment life forms.

Digital Bayou Committee | SIGGRAPH 97 Call for Participation - Electric Garden

Addressing Biological Complexity Using Computer Visualization

Alice: Easy to Learn Interactive 3D Graphics

Artificial Dolphins

Bayou Sauvage

BE NOW HERE (Welcome to the Neighborhood)

Cypress Adventure

Deceiving Manipulation with a Palmtop Display

Digital Dixieland

Distributed Scientific Visualization of Ocean Models

Dr. Jackt's Robot Island


The Global Interior Project

Guerrilla Gallery

Haptic Challenge: An I-FORCE Computer Game


Interactive Multiplayer HoverBall


JOURNEYS by Telecommunity

Neither Here Nor There

Overcoming Phobias Using Virtual Reality

Plasm: Yer Mug




San Francisco Rush

Smart Spaces

Soundscapes Entertainment

Space Browsers: A Tool for Ubiquitous Tele-Embodiment

Spirits of the Bayou


Tenochtitlan: The Clash of Empires



Virtual Kabuki System

Virtual Lepidoptera

Virtual Playspace

Virtual Society

The Virtual Space Fortress

Visualization of Earth and Space Science Data

wango:IW (Immortal Wire)

Where No One Has Gone Before

Wizard Island

Virtual New Orleans

Watch Your Language: Typography in Motion


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