Computer Animation Festival / F

Matt Menees
Mississippi State University
145 Dove Lane
Salisbury, North Carolina 28147 USA

Fibonacci and the Golden Mean
David W. Fisher
The Palladian Group
P.O. Box 3468
Vero Beach, Florida 32964 USA
+1.407.231.9103 fax

FMC Subsea GL/GLL Modular Cluster Manifold System
Michael Stafford
Stafford Design Service
10630 Staghill
Houston, Texas 77064 USA
+1.713.897.0889 fax

Formation of Accretion Disks and Jets Around Black Holes
Gregory Foss
Anjana Kar
Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
4400 Fifth Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213 USA
+1.412.268.5832 fax

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