Computer Animation Festival / A

A Worm's Life
Christina Krakowiecki
8119 Midnight Way
Tuscon, Arizona 85741 USA

Phil Tippett
KC Rosenberg, Executive Assistant
Tippett Studio
2741 Tenth Street
Berkeley, California 94710 USA

Alley Oops!
Allen Coulter
Coulter Studios/UCLA Extension
209 North Niagara Street
Burbank, California 91505 USA

Archway Cookies Talking Cow
Judy Conner
Pacific Data Images
3101 Park Boulevard
Palo Alto, California 94306 USA
+1.415.846.8103 fax

Artica Intergalaxia
Margaret Watson
Electronic Visualization Laboratory
c/o Tom DeFanti, EVL (M/C 154)
University of Illinois at Chicago
851 S. Morgan Street,
Rm. 2032 ERF
Chicago, Illinois 60607 USA
+1.312.413.7585 fax

Atlanta in Motion
Jessica Hodgins
College of Computing
Georgia Institute of Technology
801 Atlantic Drive
Atlanta, Georgia 30332 USA
+1.404.894.0673 fax


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