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Technology in Art

Gallery Guide

A performer wears a head-mounted display linked to live video and hosts a tour of a virtual gallery.

Kevin Atherton
Chelsea College of Art & Design

ParkBench Public-Access Kiosks

Reaching out to those who lack the prerequisites for getting online.

Nina Sobell
Emily Hartzell
Artists in Residence
NYU Center for Digital Multimedia
719 Broadway, 12th Floor
New York, New York 10003 USA

Telematic and Telepresence Installations

Installations comprised of a wireless telerobot, regular phone lines, and remote spaces, in which viewers become participants.

Eduardo Kac
Department of Art
207 Fine Arts Building
University of Kentucky
Lexington, Kentucky 40506 USA
+1.606.257.3042 fax

VOID: Performance

New technology and interaction fundamentally change the meanings of "performance" and "audience." Where is the experience of art when we meet the robot performer in its own environment?

Elizabeth Swift
Peter Ireland
A Room for Robots

Artworks Discussed


Stereoscopic computer imaging procedures to construct artworks that explore the viewer's relationship to virtual/pictorial space.

Tim O'Riley
Chelsea College of Art and Design
Manresa Road
London SW3 6LS
+44.171.514.7777 fax


An interactive multimedia piece about the 1960s U.S. Civil Rights movement and space program that encourages viewers to experience paradox and ambiguity as natural parts of human existence in a complex world.

Colette Gaiter
Minneapolis College of Art and Design
2501 Stevens Avenue South
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55404 USA
+1.612.874.3704 fax

Dance of Death

The conjunction of digital technology and the artist's book in interface design for a CD-ROM.

Peter E. Charuk
University of Western Sydney, Nepean

Without a Special Object of Worship

The making of an experimental interactive installation that explores Veneto-Byzantine architecture using an artist's book as the vehicle for interaction.

Jacquelyn Martino
Philips Research Labs
345 Scarborough Road
Briarcliff, New York 10510 USA

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