Conference-goers gathered in one of the Los Angeles Convention Center's many large lecture halls on the eve of the first full day of SIGGRAPH 2004 to hear all 83 of this year's SIGGRAPH papers succinctly summarized. The much-anticipated "Fast Forward" session gives each paper author exactly 50 seconds to explain what their paper is about and to entice conference attendees to hear their full, thirty-minute presentation later in the conference. [read more]


Half a Cup of Neuromancer:
Are we tuned to a dead channel?

The course “Seeing, Hearing and Touching: Putting It All Together”, offered by researchers from the University of British Columbia, introduced the state of the art in human perceptual theory and its application to design and testing of interaction. [read more]


Creating a Digital Thespian
“Lord of the Rings”: The Visual Effects That Brought Middle Earth to the Screen Course
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  Fantasy Graphics League

Since 2000, Eric Haines, Phil Dutré, Dan Kartch, and Ben Trumbore have been running the ultimate graphics-nerd website: the Fantasy Graphics League. The FGL models itself on fantasy sports league games. FGL applies this concept to a much more thrilling domain than professional football or basketball: computer graphics research. [read more]
Careers in CG Entertainment
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This section samples the diverse topics covered in the 2003 SIGGRAPH sessions, including Courses, Papers and Sketches.





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