What do you think is the next big trend in computer graphics?

SIGGRAPH attendees weigh in on where they think the field is headed...

I think that everything's moving to something smaller, and it's going to be faster. Everything will be more portable.

-Erika Kogler, Production Artist, Atronic Americas

I think it's going to go into locative media, mobile media, augmented reality, and mixed media. The need for graphics on small devices is going to become more and more important.

-Will Carter, graduate student in Interactive Media at the University of Southern California

High dynamic range images. You can show full 16-bit range, so you're not throwing away any of the information in a scene.

-Neil McPhail, VP of Engineering, Sunnybrook Technologies

Virtual Reality. Tactile displays can help make VR more convincing.

-Daisuke Akaho, GelForce

I hope computer graphics gets less complex. They need to reduce the number of help files you have to read to accomplish anything.

-Kevin Vlack, graduate student in Information Science & Technology, University of Tokyo

There has been a lot of work on data-driven computer graphics, with capturing images and bi-directional reflective distribution functions. I expect there will be more work in using real data to drive our models, including better work that extracts geometry and other data from scenes using computer vision.

-Peter Sibley, graduate student in Computer Science, Brown University

I've seen a lot of stuff on augmented reality, and I think it's cool. It seems like a big deal this year.

-Anna Arenas, undergraduate student, Texas A&M University

The next big frontier is animation, I think. Things are looking really good already, but they're not necessarily moving great, especially in real time.

-Noel Llopis,Lead Technical Architect, Sammy Studios

I think multi-flash. I think it's an idea that will have impact.

-Bennett Wilburn,graduate student in Electrical Engineering, Stanford University

Arts with Science -- stronger collaboration.

-Sriram Subramanian, Professor of Computer Science, University of Saskatchewan

You'll have to come to SIGGRAPH 2005 to see who's correct!




On the Spot! is a series of quick responses from SIGGRAPH conference attendees on topics of shared interest.



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