What do you think about this one...?

SIGGRAPH attendees educate a techie about appreciating fine art.

--photo by Shyam Sunder


"Sure", it fits in. It is a representation of pixels in low resolution.

-Mark Bajuk , 8 SIGGRAPHs, Artist and Geek

It is visibly not obvious how it fits in. I have no clue what it is..

-Mark Young , 5 SIGGRAPHs, Artist and Geek

"Yes", it fits in. Looks like magnifacation of images.

-Alberto Binetti , 10 SIGGRAPHs, Artist

Fits in "only through the idea of pixels". Looks like tiles. Curious about the set up and technology. Curious about the copper that goes around it.

-Jory, 2 SIGGRAPHs, Artist

"Dont know what its doing here". Looks like gray scale texture.

-Kristian, 1st SIGGRPH , Techie


Conceptually yes... It demonstrates how the fundamental aspects of gray scale imagery and pixels has come ogether ina a very tactile medium of clay and together each is being pushed and pulled towards one another. In essense, the artist is sculpting pixels.

-Margret Dolinsky, 3 SIGGRAPHs , Artist

You'll have to come to SIGGRAPH 2005 to see who's correct!




On the Spot! is a series of quick responses from SIGGRAPH conference attendees on topics of shared interest.



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