James Mohler

What first drew you to computer graphics? What first drew you to computer graphics? Actually I had quite a diverse background, it came throught the department of civil engineering, that evolved into commercial technical work. I am sort of oddball not a computer scientist or an artist. If you asked me ,"Is it form or fuction?" I'd say ,"Yes".
Do you have any favorite computer graphics mentors? Most of my mentor were from Purdue, Gary Bertoline, in the CAD manufacturing area. I worked under him for ten years as a student. In addition there are so many in the SIGGRAPH community.
What was the first time you contributed to SIGGRAPH? I started on the education commitee in 1997, I got an educational grant to come to conference, and got involed with the education community then. I liked it and wanted to contribute back into the program. I then became the education chair in 2002.
What year/city was your first SIGGRAPH? Which was most intense? Why? My first was 1997, and most intense. The Los Angeles Zoo for the chapter party, it was so huge and expansive and cool. The things that SIGGRAPH always is makes it such a unique place. There's really nothinglike SIGGRAPH. I'm kind of an advocate, so i try to pass that word along. You're hard pressed to find somehting that you dont fit into here ... it is a continuum from the fine arts to the very techincal.
What contributions to SIGGRAPH are you most proud of? Hopefully the involvement as conference chair 2005. I dont think I'll ever get a paper into SIGGRAPH, for me it's more of service standpoint. It's every part and piece that contributes to SIGGRAPH makes what is, is most logical contribute to.
What's your favorite thing at this year or last year's SIGGRAPH? I've seen a little bit of everything, not a particular technology or session. As conference chair for next year, I shadow Dena, this years conference chair and see what she checks on. So I've just seen a bit of it all. A lot of excitement, a stepping stone, the diverse experince, and the turning of the corner for SIGGRAPH is exciting for me. Fast forward was great and Cyber Fashion Show was particularly memorable.
What near/intermediate developments in CG do you look forward to? Major advancements in display technology, gaming and its impact , and cpu speeds ... all coming together to create this overall picture, no one has a clear picutre of ,"Oh! Thats next" but the puzzle pieces are making the picture of that exciting, "new next thing".



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