Exhibits Offer Great Fine-Art Experience

As I walked into the doors of the Exhibition Hall, I found myself exposed to an overwhelming experience. The anticipation was so great, and now it is clear why. In the beginning I viewed the Exhibits to be a place for observation, and what I found was much, much more.

I stared upward and tried to distinguish among the array of giant signs to choose a direction to migrate in. Moments later, I spotted a circular area with many easels. Because I am an artist, the sight of easels was exciting. Ten minutes later, I was sitting behind an easel with a t-shirt, 2 pieces of paper, a blue pencil and a marker. This had to be exciting. In front of us was a teacher by the name of Karl Gnass. The plan was to learn by example and instruction, and we would draw an action figure on our t-shirt. As the session came to a close and as we made the finishing touches on our characters, I found myself wanting to know more.

Karl Gnass
--photo by Veronica Lucas

I approached our teacher and began asking him some questions. Karl Gnass is currently teaching at Image Works, DreamWorks, Disney Feature, Disney TV, AAI, and also conducts his own private classes. This is his first time at SIGGRAPH, and his first time conducting an on-the-spot session. “The fact or truth is I love to teach spontaneously, I am anxious to see what happens, just play…dance.” Karl teaches at all levels, and this was also an instance of that. Not all of us are fine artists, some are programmers, and some are animators, and some are in public relations, and many more. But Karl explains, “There is a knowledge that has to come across to everyone, I am in tune with the audience.” This was definitely felt throughout his session.

Karl gave us a good idea as to how characters are developed. It starts with paper and pencil. The fundaments are amazing, and the process fascinating. By teaching and allowing us to experience the basics was something that brings about a great point. The characters we see on screen were created, by artists who capture a new personality, a new persona. They communicate an idea by drawing it. The programs act as tools, but the idea has to be created.

After having this opportunity, it helps to truly appreciate the fine art aspect of this conference. I am truly glad for this opportunity. I encourage everyone to draw an action figure on a t-shirt. It was insightful and truly very fun. Karl is continuing his classes all throughout the conference. This exhibit is hosted by Image Works, and there are schedules posted there.






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