What does Synaesthesia Mean?

After research, I have found an amazing connection and understanding. The Art Gallery: Synaesthesia is compiled of 2D, 3D, interactive techniques, installations, virtual reality, multimedia, telecommunications, web art and animation.
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Why Haven't We Had Posters Before?

This is a question asked by many who have experienced the news of the Poster Show. This a new addition for SIGGRAPH 2004, and we can thank Ronen Barzel for taking the initiative to make this a possibility.   [read more]

Exhibits Offer Great Fine-Art Experience

As I walked into the doors of the Exhibition Hall, I found myself exposed to an overwhelming experience. The anticipation was so great, and now it is clear why. In the beginning I viewed the Exhibits to be a place for observation, and what I found was much, much more. [read more]

Magically Twisted Commercial
The Computer Animation Theater
No, it’s not a new catch phrase uttered by Noam Chomsky or Ralph Nader, it's this year’s program themes for the Computer Animation Theater. The four themes of Paraphernalia, Magic, Commercial/VFX, and Twisted grouped a wide variety of animated shorts and visual effects clips into semi-organized collections. [read more]

A Talk with Sue Gollifer
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The Zen of Innovation: Spiritualizing bits

It appears that the battlefield of future tech is in the spiritual domain. A key innovation in this area is the Zenetic Computer, showcased in the Emerging Technologies section. A truly multicultural affair, the Zenetic Computer is a result of collaboration between research institutions in the US, Japan and France. [read more]






This segment provides articles about SIGGRAPHS many exhibits, including the Exhibition, Emerging Technologies, the Art Gallery, the Poster sessions and the Guerilla Studio.





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