Who Are Those People in the RED VESTS??

From Left to Right: Nadine Matesowicz, Jonathan Eppers, Karic Subr, and Charles Wilson

Those are the hard-working volunteers that allow this conference to happen. They are the ones doing the work that needs to be done, but it isn’t always the most exciting. They are the ones making sure all of the conference attendees are where they are “supposed” to be. I wanted to let everyone know what they do. To bring light to these busy-bodies, I created four interview questions to ask them. And because their answers were very, very similar, I complied them as a few main points.

Collectively, the best part about being a Student Volunteer is the opportunities they have to meet people. Nadine Matesowicz mentioned the key term of “networking” and was excited about that. Jonathan Epples was an SV that had “special treatment.” Not because of his SV status, but because he “likes to talk to people and by this, he is able to make great friends and opportunities.” Jonathan was offered a prestigious ride in a limousine to transport him to the Chapters Party at the Mayan. “This was definitely the highlight for the week.”

To balance out the experiences of the Student Volunteers, it would be unfair if I did not include a couple of their complaints. Although they have had great fun and opportunity, some were bummed that “they were handing out Electronic Theatre tickets while their favorite session was going on”, as stated by Kartic Subr, another member of the SV Team. Many of the volunteers committed to a thirty-hour work week which leaves little time for lengthy papers and sessions. And despite the long hours during the day, the SV’s were always informative as to what was going on with the party scene. They had the inside track, and as Jonathan Eppers boasted, “we are usually on top of everything.”

Throughout my time here at SIGGRAPH, I have had the opportunity to meet the most amazing and interesting people, and I was curious if this was the same for the Student Volunteers. A couple of them expressed that their conversations were not with anyone too exciting, but this was not always the case. Charles Wilson met fellow Student Volunteers that “were interested in doing collaborative work,” and this was the ultimate encounter. And as they were able to graze the exhibition hall, many met people from their favorite exhibiting companies.

After getting a general feel from the Student Volunteers, I have come to the conclusion that it is pretty darn cool to be a part of this program. They are a vital part of the whole production of this conference, and although many hours are worked, many great times and friends are made.







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