The exhibition floor is where many of the bigger gaming and VFX companies doing interviews and take resumes.
- photo by Tai-San Choo

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Day 4, Wednesday, August 11, 2004

SIGGRAPH 2004's exhibition floor played host to over 225 exhibitors from five different continents, and a large proportion of these companies not only came to SIGGRAPH to hawk their products, but to recruit fresh new talent to their organization. Those companies who did not have a booth at the Job Fair could use their exhibition space to meet with interested applicants and post job openings. Here you could find companies like Industrial Light & Magic, Pixar, PDI/ Dreamworks, Electronic Arts, Sony Pictures Imageworks, nVidia, and Apple to introduce yourself to reps and swap business cards. I also dropped by the Res Magazine booth and to see if I could find a job reporting. Now I've got to remember to follow up with all the business cards I received.






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