The return of the Job Fair to SIGGRAPH
- photo by Tai-San Choo

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Day 3, Tuesday, August 10, 2004
Job Fair (cont'd)

At first glance down the hall, it seemed like I was on time for a good spot at the Job Fair after arriving about half an hour before it opened. No such luck, as the line was wrapped down one of the inner halls until the end. Even still, the line seemed to move pretty fast. I dropped by the Vanguard, Curious Pictures, Visuart, and Weta Digital booths to introduce myself and drop off my resume. I’m starting to get the feeling I just don’t have enough production experience under my belt yet, but it couldn’t hurt to give my resume.

One interesting note from the Job Fair, if eventually you do get hired by companies that are abroad you'll need to obtain work visa status and do some additional paperwork before you can start out with the company. There many great VFX and animation studios outside the US like Weta Digital in New Zealand, Framestore CFC, Vanguard, and Aardman in England, and Duran Duboi and Supinfocom in France.

Some other alternative career paths one could pursue, if you're looking for something different is education. Trade and Art schools like the Art Institute, Savannah College of Art & Design, and many others were actively seeking out industry professionals in CG with MA's or MFA's in CG and art related majors.

Another route you could take would be reporting on CG. Various outlets like CG-related magazines, TV, and web publications are always looking for knowledgeable individuals to contribute to their areas of media.






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