SIGGRAPH 2004 Electronic Theater

This year’s Electronic Theater had a varied smorgasbord of interesting shorts. From the usual demo reels from the big studios, to poignant and sentimental animations, weird or hilarious works, to gratuitous goop and millions of falling lawn chairs, the selection was unique to say the least. [read more]
Visualizing SIGGRAPH
Motivated by the desire to grock graphics, Jeff Klingner wrote a web spider that crawled the website of the ACM Digital Library, gathering information on every paper in the 30-year history of SIGGRAPH.
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Keyed to the Future

Bruce Sterling's speech was filled with his trademark sarcasm, jibes, raves and rants about technology and the need for environmental conservation. [read more]
Job Quest: The Battle of SIGGRAPH

I've always dreamed about working for ILM or Dreamworks or Pixar, but how on earth do you go about getting that perfect job? I'm on a quest to find out. [read more]
Who Are Those People in the RED VESTS??

Those are the hard-working volunteers that allow this conference to happen. They are the ones doing the work that needs to be done, but it isn’t always the most exciting. They are the ones making sure all of the conference attendees are where they are “supposed” to be. [read more]
Augmented Reality: Does reality need our help?

Reality is hard, Virtual Reality (VR) is harder. AR is to the present decade as VR was for the previous. It is at once an escapist’s manna from heaven and a black hole for research dollars. [read more]

Game-themed tattoos offered at the Job Fair
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Games: A Medium for Art

Animation, graphics programming, 3D modelling and texturing are common terminology in conversation at SIGGRAPH. Art, as abstract and sometimes subjective as it can be, is seen in many forms and mediums at SIGGRAPH, and video games is no exception. [read more]


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