The 200 ACM SIGGRAPH Reporters: (left to right)
Tai-San Choo,Veronica Lucas, Wade Ammon, Shyam Sunder, Merrie Ringel, Lora Oehlberg and
Jessica Fernandes. Not shown: Wendy Ju

The ACM SIGGRAPH Reporters are volunteers who canvas SIGGRAPH to relay ideas, events and stories from the conference to the world at large. We aspire not only to convey the breadth of new and exciting things at the conference's many venues, but also to explore in depth the personalities, issues and culture that are an enduring legacy of the SIGGRAPH community.

The 2004 SIGGRAPH Reporters Team:

Wade Ammon

Wade's articles: Game-themed tattoos offered at the Job Fair, Games: A Medium for Art, interviews with Boom Beck, Meats Meiers, James Mohler, Dena Slothower.

Tai-San Choo

Tai-San Choo is a recent graduate of Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. Originally from Houston, Tai holds a BS in computer science and communications with a minor in New Media. He’s nuts about film and visual effects and is currently pursuing a career in filmmaking. This is Tai’s third stint as a SIGGRAPH reporter in as many years attending the conference.

Tai's articles: SIGGRAPH 2004 Electronic Theater, Job Quest: The Battle of SIGGRAPH, Creating a Digital Thespian, Careers in CG Entertainment, Magically Twisted Commercial Paraphernalia, interviews with Chris Bregler.

Jessica Fernandes

Jessica Fernandes recently graduated from Concordia University in Montreal where she completed a double major in Computer Science and Digital Image/Sound & the Fine Arts. She is currently on the lookout for a challenging creative job that will make use of both her artistic and technical skills.

Jessica's articles: interviews with Rob Cook and Scott Lang.

Veronica Lucas

Veronica Lucas is an undergraduate at the University of Northern Colorado. She is studying graphic arts, and competes for the UNC Swimming and Diving team as a diver. Her interests in SIGGRAPH included the Art Gallery, specifically the 2D artwork. This was her first experience attending a SIGGRAPH conference.

Veronica's articles: Who Are Those People in the RED VESTS??, What does Synaesthesia Mean?, Exhibits Offer Great Fine-Art Experience, Why Haven't We Had Posters Before?, A Talk with Sue Gollifer, On the Spot: What was your most memorable exhibit?, interviews with Ronen Barzel, Jan Hardenbergh and Anna Ursyn.

Lora Oehlberg

Lora Oehlberg is an undergraduate at Stanford University. 2004 was her first year at SIGGRAPH.

As the intrepid SIGGRAPH Reports Blogger, Lora posted stories as individual Blog entries on the SIGGRAPH 2004 Blog. In addition, she contributed interviews with Casey Reas and Bruce Sterling.

Merrie Ringel

Merrie Ringel is a doctoral candidate in computer science at Stanford University, focusing on computer-supported cooperative work. She has an MS in computer science from Stanford, and a BS in computer science from Brown University. This is Merrie’s first SIGGRAPH.

Merrie's articles: Visualizing SIGGRAPH, "Fast Forward" Session Offers Pithy Paper Previews, Fantasy Graphics League, On the spot: What do you think is the next big trend in computer graphics?, interviews with Pat Hanrahan and Andy van Dam.

Shyam Sunder

Shyam Sunder recently received his Masters in Computer Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York. His interests include Programming Languages in general and Generic Programming and Aspect Oriented Programming in particular. This is his second SIGGRAPH. His first was in 2003 as a student

Shyam's articles: Keyed to the Future, Augmented Reality: Does reality need our help?, Half a Cup of Neuromancer, The Zen of Innovation: Spiritualizing bits, On the Spot: What do you think about this one...?, interviews with Scott "Spot" Draves and Zoran Popovic.

Wendy Ju

Wendy Ju is currently a PhD candidate in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University. Her interests lie in the integration of interaction technologies and physical workspaces. This is Wendy's fourth year at SIGGRAPH, and her second year as the ACM SIGGRAPH Reports Coordinator.

In addition to guiding the talented SIGGRAPH Reporters and acting as editor for the 2004 SIGGRAPH Reports, Wendy has contributed the following overview articles: Anticipation Brewing for SIGGRAPH 2004!, SIGGRAPH 2004 Off and Running!, SIGGRAPH 2004 Ticks Along, SIGGRAPH 2004 in Full Swing, SIGGRAPH 2004 Rolls Forth, SIGGRAPH 2004 Draws to a Close.






The goal of the ACM SIGGRAPH Reporters program is to capture and convey the experience of being at SIGGGRAPH.

If you are interested in joining the ACM SIGGRAPH Reporters team for 2005, please contact wendyju at siggraph dot org.


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