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A San Antonio Perspective

By Tai-San Choo

As a San Antonio resident for the past two years I welcomed the idea of bringing the annual SIGGRAPH conference and exhibition to town in 2002. San Antonio is really the ideal kind of city for a conference like SIGGRAPH, with an abundance of vacation spots and touristy activities going on year round.

The big attraction remains to be the Alamo, the site where 189 Texas defenders fought 4000 Mexican troops for 13 days during the Texas revolution against Mexico. Located just a few blocks from the convention center, many SIGGRAPH attendees took this opportunity to visit this historic site for the first time.

The nearby River Walk provided conference goers a wealth of restaurants and shops at their disposal. The River Walk also probably saved this conference from being cancelled or postponed from the massive flooding that swept San Antonio in the previous months. The River Walk was designed to channel out flood waters from in and around the downtown area. Other local attractions include amusement parks like Sea World and Fiesta Texas, scores of parks and museums, and even more golf courses spread throughout the city.

San Antonio has a huge amount of restaurants offering a wide array of cuisines, but you can’t come to San Antonio without eating Mexican food. The only issues that exists is that many restaurants and shops close early during the week. One of the most eye-catching restaurants was right outside the door of the convention center in the Tower of Americas. The 750-foot structure brings patrons up in glass-walled elevators to the restaurant floor which offers a full panoramic view of the city. Malls are also abundant around the San Antonio area with the River Center, and various shopping centers just up 281 in the Quarry, Northstar, Crossroads, and Huebner Oaks malls.

Besides being a nice vacation spot, San Antonio has a strong graphics community centered around the local SIGGRAPH professional chapter. With school’s like UTSA, San Antonio College, and my school Trinity University, as well as numerous graphics related businesses including Newtek, San Antonio is an excellent location for anyone interested in graphics.

Overall San Antonio was a great place to be for SIGGRAPH 2002 and I hope all attendees felt the same way and choose to come back.




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