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The Pre-SIGGRAPH Experience

Jessica Fernandes
24 July 2002

T'was the night before SIGGRAPH and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, save only my mouse. The banners were up, the SVs were prepped, and all the equipment was rigged and well kept. In less than twelve hours the influx would start of CG, it's people from far and apart. The energy was rising, graphics talk could be heard and all this inspired by an eight-letter word. SIGGRAPH had arrived in San Antonio.

That afternoon, upon arrival at the airport, I remember thinking that soon the chaos, the fun and the excitement would start. However, San Antonio was fairly quiet those first days before the conference. A tourist city, we the outsiders seemed to be a majority - a multitude of lost and wide-eyed strangers. However, as the remaining time passed, the strangers became more familiar. Industry shirts, the veteran SIGGRAPH logos and the techie talk could soon be seen, heard and felt.

Wandering the streets, particularly when strolling down the Riverwalk that Friday, it was no longer a question of guessing who was here to attend SIGGRAPH, but rather attempting to determine who was not. Familiar faces from the previous year graced the crowd. People who would later amaze me in courses and panels, sat there, casually dining under the soft light and warm breeze. Curiously enough, after months of anticipation, planning and heightened excitement, it was only that last night that the realization finally dawned on me - SIGGRAPH in all its glory was here for another year. If I blinked, I felt I might just miss it.

Traipsing through the convention center, maintenance and work crews the only signs of life, you could almost hear the voices of the thousands of attendees who would soon be walking these same halls. Soon the company representatives would arrive, promising faster, better, more efficient toys, hype, information and advancements. The empty rooms would be full, the converted ballrooms would hold the eager eyed, and the wall outlets would welcome the many laptop users of the world.

In just a few hours so many shared interests would meet and cross-inspire. It would be like gaining access to an exclusive and rather eccentric subculture: a community that only congregates in such large numbers, one week a year. The incredible event would begin the following day and just as suddenly as it arrived, it would be gone. However, the impact would always remain. The message was clear: go back, fine-tune, encourage and take the field to a new level never thought possible.


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Most "insider" party: The nVidia/exLuna reception was attended by most of the staff of Luxology.


SIGGRAPH is the name of the show. ACM SIGGRAPH is the name of the organization.

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