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The International Concept

Jessica Fernandes
24 July 2002

When asked to write an article about the international aspect of SIGGRAPH, I honestly had to take a step back and absorb all that was going on around me. The fact that this multicultural, multilingual environment thrives so well within the SIGGRAPH conference, makes it so easy to overlook. When things run smoothly, we tend not to notice them.

Be it in papers, panels, courses, on the presenting or receiving end, the variety of people present from around the world, is incredible. Conference badges pay tribute to places as far off as Australia and as local as San Antonio, itself. Drift off for just a moment and you may find yourself intrigued by the animated conversations taking place around you. To count the number of languages spoken here would be insane, but suffice it to say that there is quite an impressive sampling. What is most incredible is the ease with which interactions take place. At a conference such as this one, shared interests and passions manage to overcome most language barriers. If something cannot be explained through speech then numbers, diagrams, sketches and humor can often solve the problem. To further bridge the gap and ease communication, the SIGGRAPH International Center offers their services throughout the week.

Much of SIGGRAPH's reputation as being a leading forum for sharing advancements, enthusiasm and information, is made possible by its global reach. It is this international aspect that continues to spread the scope of interest in the field, allowing SIGGRAPH to have the impact it does. The future of animation is promising. Witnessing it being shared by so many people from such different backgrounds helps reinforce this belief.


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The annual conference is a chance to see friends you might only see at SIGGRAPH.


SIGGRAPH is the name of the show. ACM SIGGRAPH is the name of the organization.

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