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Fast-Forward Papers Preview

Erin Callihan
24 July 2002

On Monday night, SIGGRAPH attendees packed the house to get an abbreviated preview of what the week would bring. And I mean abbreviated.

In the first "Special Session" of the week, appropriately labelled the "Fast-Forward Papers Preview," this year's paper authors were sent to the stage one-by-one, equipped with just a mic, their notes, some Powerpoint expertise and 50 seconds to plead their case. I guess you could call it "Marketing 101: Come to Our Paper Session."

The hour proved to be an entertaining and concise overview of the papers' sessions that were to begin the following morning and last throughout the week.

It was a truly effective way to both entertain and inform the audience. The whole SIGGRAPH essence was captured, as each author tried his or her own technique of getting your attention.

The moderator, John Hughes, stole the show, when at one point, he filled in (flawlessly, I must add) for not one presenter, but two in a row. Reading the slides like the back of his hand, he had the audience rolling with his improv act, and he made the time cut on both occasions.

Most presenters did, in fact, make the time limit, but for those who were long-winded or distracted by the involved crowd, they were rudely cut off by a brash alarmlike sound and their slides were interrupted by a comical image of an alarm clock. For the bold few who insisted on continuing, their mic was simply turned off.

One such presenter was New York University's Ken Perlin, who had perhaps the most unique approach of the evening. Wearing large black sunglasses, Perlin effectively rapped - yes, he performed a little rap song - his way through 50 seconds of audience laughter. I'm sure that his paper session, as scientific as it may be, will be presented to a packed house of SIGGRAPHites, who are hoping to hear how his rap will end.

Presenters did just about anything to be unique, including morphing cows, speaking at 95 miles per hour and graciously pleading for attendees to come and support their well-deserved work.

In the essence of SIGGRAPH, the session was both fun and educational - albeit brief.




This session was voted best new session by the GEEKs of SIGGRAPH, who prefer to remain anonymous.


Official SIGGRAPH 2002 Special Sessions Description


John F. Hughes is a co-author of Foley, van Dam, Feiner and Hughes [FVDH90]. He gave credit to David Laidlaw for the idea of the session. John and David at at Brown University.



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