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SIGGRAPH is the premier conference for computer graphics. It brings together researchers, professionals, artists, students and teachers. The conference mission says among other things that SIGGRAPH presents "leading-edge theory and practice of computer graphics and interactive techniques". It is an intense week of technical wonders and old friends.

Here are a few reports on life at SIGGRAPH outside of the technical agenda.

Sake Party

Sights and Sounds: Sunday at SIGGRAPH

The Figueroa Hotel

International Scene

Ben's impressions


Food court at LACC


The exhibition (photo Frank Nocke)


You may have heard of the engineering concept, "MTBF," meaning Mean (or average) Time Between Failures. It's a commonly used measure of the expected number of hours a mechanism can work without requiring some sort of repair. A more important measure at SIGGRAPH is "MDBF," or Mean Distance Between Friends. This refers to the distance you can travel down a SIGGRAPH hallway without running into someone you know. As you attend more SIGGRAPHs, your MDBF in a SIGGRAPH hallway declines precipitously.

Since seeing someone you know requires initiating a conversation (however short) with them (see "Upgrading"), as your MDBF declines over the years, you become unable to move effectively around the conference. You need to plan ahead for the ten minute walk over to the panels room, which will take you 45-50 minutes due to MDBF issues. Eventually, you are reduced to standing in the lobby of the convention center, greeting friends and finding out from them what's happening at the conference you won't get inside to see.

See also: upgrading




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