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Big Guy announces Reality Simulator
Models light and physics in realtime.

By Ben Wyrick

Here is the text of the story. The column is wide enough so you can go back and reread confusing things. I hate short columns where you have to scroll forever up and down to understand something. Yet it is not a full-page-width column, which are too long to easily read and my eye forgets which line I am on when I have to wrap to the next line down.
   Here is the second paragraph. Goes into way more detail than the first. There is all sorts of useful, meaty information here. Really long and confusing acronyms are written in full at least once because I hate it when they make me feel stupid for not knowing arcane bits of information intentionally obfuscated by egghead computer scientists.
   It is understood that real stories will be longer and with spiffy links. 

Far out! 
(click for larger image)
Photo courtesy of David Bowie
Frank Poole, 43, flails his arms in admiration of the exciting new joint venture.
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