ACM SIGGRAPH Reporters 2001

Each of the reporters was asked to give a three or four sentence description of themselves.

Anders Frick

Anders is in his last year, studying for a Master of Science in Media Tecchnology and Engineering at Linköpings Tekniska Högskola, Norrköping,
Sweden. He has a general interest in computer graphics and digital images. Anders is also a freelance writer and photographer for some Swedish newspapers and magazines.

Jim Blinn, Taisuke Murakami, Peter Voci, International Scene, Seeing is Believing

Ben Wyrick

Ben is a graduate student at Clemson University where he is enrolled in the school's Master of Fine Arts in Computing program. His main interest is lighting. Wyrick worked for a short time as a photographer, paginator, and writer for a small daily newspaper in Pennsylvania.

Web3D Roundup, Sake Party, The Figueroa Hotel, Ben's impressions, Impact of Public Policy, Beyond Copyright, Future of Color, Barb Helfer

Clarrisa Lingas

Electronic Theatre, The Studio, Exhibition

Forrester Cole

Forrester is in his last year as a Computer Science concentrator at Harvard College. His graphics interests include modeling and real time rendering algorithms, especially for games. He spent his last summer as an Architecture intern at NVIDIA.

eTech, Natural Animation, Point-Based Rendering and Shadows, Procedural Modeling, Illumination & Textures, Computer Games and Viz, Game-Stories

Hal Newnan

I am working on my Associates in Graphic Communication Arts at Macomb Community College, South Campus, Warren, MI, USA. I expect to graduate this December with straight A's. And, at MCC I am inspired by the mentoring of Brian Sauriol who has taught me much more than, but also including: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, InDesign, and Maya. Next semester I expect to take six more hours of Maya in addition to Advanced Quark XPress, Digital Photography, and traditional Rendering. My Near East and North African Studies bachelor's is from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor from which I graduated with "Distinction." I lived in Cairo, Egypt for two years while studying at the American University. I love Science Fiction. And Borders Books thought well enough of me to make me a Corporate Sales Manager.

Edwin Catmull, Lance Williams, Patrick Larking, Leo Hourvitz, Daria Dorosh, Educators Program, Survey of Color, Keynote, Image-Based Techniques, VIPs (Virtually Invented People)

Jennifer Recknagel


Sunday, Art Gallery and N-Space, Tracking, Visualization, Semantics, and Aesthetics, Cultural Mediation in New Media Spaces

coordinator: YON - Jan C. Hardenbergh

Jan is a Graphics Architect for Revit Technology Corporation where he develops architectural rendering and visualization software. In past SIGGRAPHs he coauthored a paper on volume rendering, organized and presented courses on VRML and PEX, participated in a panel of graphics standards, and juried eTech.

Our Original Mission:

This program will select 6 students for their computer graphics background and writing ability. These students will be sponsored to attend the conference and tasked with reporting on one of the major conference venues (paper+panels will get complete coverage; sketches, the art show, the emerging technologies area, and the exhibits will also be covered). Prior to the opening of the technical program, they'll cover the courses program. The students will be expected to spend the conference week gathering information, interviews, and photographs of the conference events as credentialed reporters.


Reporters schedule.

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