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From sculptures to computers

Peter Voci went digital twenty years ago

Interview with Peter Voci
by Anders Frick

- The message is most important.

These words belong to Professor Peter Voci from New York Institute of Technology,  NYIT. Voci's opinion is that it's good when the general public don¹t know when computer  graphics is being used ­ it¹s the message, not the technique, which is most important.

Professor Voci is the chairman ("rather chairperson, because that's more neutral") of Fine Arts at NYIT. He has been into the computer graphics industry for about 20 years. But it all  started with another type of art ­ sculpturing.

- Yes, but I found computer graphics to be very interesting, so I changed into that instead.  We are looking at the nature through the eyes of mathematics, and you do new experiences 
every day ­ that's what I like.

He is nowadays working with two things at NYIT. One of them is teaching and the other is  to be an administrator of the higher education. He has also developed the education program  within the computer graphics area at NYIT.

- There is a problem with students when they begin. They often think technology is the  answer of everything, but technology is just a process ­ not the answer.

Peter Voci has been presenting papers, doing animations and lot's of other stuff at earlier  conferences, but at SIGGRAPH 2001 is he sitting in the jury for the art show. And he likes  SIGGRAPH very much:

- SIGGRAPH brings people together. That is very important!





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