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Lance Williams, 2001 Coons Award recipient

Paul Debevec, Significant New Researcher Award recipient

Edwin Catmull, President of Pixar and ACM SIGGRAPH Awards Chair.

Peter Voci, chairman of Fine Arts at NYIT

Barb Helfer, SIGGRAPH 2001 Pathfinders Chair

Patrick Larking, President of Opticore

Leo Hourvitz, ACM SIGGRAPH Director for Communications

Daria Dorosh, attendee

James Blinn, computer graphics pioneer

Taisuke Murakami, Art Gallery: N-Space contributor

Mk Haley, SIGGRAPH 2001 Emerging Technologies Chair



People and SIGGRAPH

Upgrading -

"Upgrading" means stopping a conversation short as you see someone you need to speak with immediately. Sometimes this leaves the upgradee feeling rejected, but that is usually the wrong interpretation. The SIGGRAPH social ecology consists of thousands of brilliant people all wanting to touch base with a large percentage of the whole. Experienced SIGGRAPH-goers know that
letting someone you need to see slip by because you don't want to seem impolite is
NOT a good long-term strategy.

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