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Views of six volunteers

These pages present personal reports from six student volunteers who attended SIGGRAPH 2001. Hopefully, reading through their experiences will convey a sense of the conference, not only of what was presented (through their reviews of paper sessions, panels, courses, the art gallery, and more), but also a feeling for the people you might meet at SIGGRAPH (through the interviews they did with attendees, both veterans and newbies). We aim to capture what it's like to be at SIGGRAPH through the personal notes of the reporters. We hope you can get a taste of the excitement the show brings and that what you read here inspires you to join us for a future conference!

Jan Hardenbergh, coordinator for the ACM SIGGRAPH Reporters:
Anders Frick, Ben Wyrick, Clarrisa Lingas, Forrester Cole, Hal Newnan, Jennifer Recknagel


Reports from SIGGRAPH 2002!



Coolest thing: Protrude, flow - see Art Gallery.

Tech trends: IBR is mainstream; NPR follows, point based rendering grows.

Vertex Engines and Pixel shaders come of age.


The annual conference is a chance to see friends you might only see at SIGGRAPH.


SIGGRAPH is the name of the show. ACM SIGGRAPH is the name of the organization.

Photos from SIGGRAPH 2001


This page is maintained by YON - Jan C. Hardenbergh All photos you see in the 2001 reports are due to a generous loan of Cybershot digital cameras from SONY