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SIGGRAPH Conference Mission

SIGGRAPH Conferences - Long-Range Mission

The annual SIGGRAPH conference and its year-round initiatives provide unique crossroads for a diverse community of researchers, developers, creators, educators, and practitioners.

Our continuing mission is to be the premier annual conference on leading-edge theory and practice of computer graphics and interactive techniques, inspiring progress through education, excellence, and interaction.

SIGGRAPH Conferences - Fundamental Goals

  • Premier status as measured by community loyalty, contributor quality, external recognition, and competitor response.
  • Leading edge as recognized by discipline experts and the industry at large.
  • Effectiveness of education, interaction, and excellence as measured by contributor, committee, and community satisfaction and involvement.
  • Sustainable continuity as measured by volunteer commitment, community interest, and financial self-sufficiency.

SIGGRAPH Conferences - Objectives

The following objectives should guide conference actions to achieve the fundamental goals and fulfill the mission:

  • Encourage volunteer spirit

At every level and focus, community contributors and supporters willingly give their energy and resources for the essential value of a fulfilling conference experience. To preserve this natural resource and remain viable, conferences must recognize, encourage, and reasonably support the effective participation of their constituents.

  • Promote excellence and sustain quality

Conferences promote excellence by attracting and delivering high-quality results in a variety of disciplines. High standards for integrity, content, presentation, and experience support the attainment of conference goals. Quality should outweigh quantity in all decisions.

  • Connecting Communities

Boundaries between disciplines are barriers to mutual enrichment, appreciation, and growth of the SIGGRAPH community. Whenever practical, conferences will encourage the bridging of disciplines to expand their contribution to the leading-edge of theory and practice.

  • Strive for improvement

Conferences must continuously strive to improve processes and results that support community satisfaction. Wherever possible, past experience and feedback should frame opportunities for structured risk taking when it furthers conference goals.

  • Evolve responsibly

Size does not necessarily facilitate quality. Conferences must responsibly manage the growth and evolution of their programs and products to:

- realistically deliver ideas with available resources

- meet community expectations of quality

- sustain competitiveness and viability

- balance innovation with core essentials

Leo Hourvitz, Director for Communications
Dave Shreiner, Webmaster

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