Site Selection Process

ACM SIGGRAPH Conference Advisory Group
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Future sites are typically confirmed with cities 3-5 years prior to the event. Although the annual conference needs are complex and require a large amount of meeting/exhibition space and hotel rooms, due to the flexibility in date patterns, as well as being held in what is generally considered a low time of year (summer), longer lead times for confirming cities is not required. This shorter lead time allows the CAG to negotiate generous deals from cities who are looking to book what is considered short-term business.

Based on feedback from attendees and exhibitors on city preferences, as well as reviewing attendance trends from past cities, the Conference Advisory Group selects two cities from similar geographical areas (e.g., West Coast, East Coast, Midwest, etc.) to send a Request for Proposal.

The following identifies some of the key areas that are negotiated before a city is recommended as the host for a particular year:

Once all negotiations are finalized, the CAG selects the preferred destination for presentation and final approval by the ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee.