The Fastest Session at SIGGRAPH: the Fast-Forward Papers Preview
How does one see everything at SIGGRAPH in ninety minutes? [read more]

Special Session - Creatures, Critters, and Clones: Styles and Techniques Unique to Industrial Light and Magic

Eager conference attendees formed a line outstretching from Ballroom 20 all the way down the hall in anticipation for ILM’s special session talk. [read more]

The Convergence of Computer Graphics and the Film Industry

The film industry was well represented at this year’s SIGGRAPH 2003 conference, displaying the growing influence of innovative computer graphics applications in current movies. [read story]

The Future Looks Bright; However, Is Change in the Offing?
This year a record number of papers were submitted. Only 19% of the 424 submissions made it into the final presentation (of 81 papers). [read story]


Paper Presentations Enlighten Core
The paper presentation is the core of this large conference, especially for the research and academic communities at the conference. As Joe Mark, the SIGGRAPH 2004 paper chair, says eloquently "SIGGRAPH is known for having the most current research in the field." [read story]


Robotics: The Android Dreams Special Session
On Wednesday evening in front of a packed ballroom, George Bekey welcomed SIGGRAPH “to the age of autonomous robots.” [read story]



This topic samples the diverse topics covered in the 2003 SIGGRAPH Courses.



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