Party of the Week: the Chapters Party
With two floors, four dance areas and music ranging from Techno/House, to Hip Hop and even Jazz, the Chapters party committee turned a great space into a happening party and networking hub. [read more]

SIGGRAPH 2003 Off to a Rip-roaring Start
SIGGRAPH 2003 kicked off bright and early Sunday morning in San Diego. Thousands of attendees milled about... [read more]

Writer's Blog: A week in the life of SIGGRAPH
exhibition floor opens. computer-geeks flood floor. [read more]

Sea of Change: SIGGRAPH 2003 Returns to the West Coast

SIGGRAPH 2003 made a triumphant return to the West Coast for its 30th international conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques... [read more]

Chicks of a Feather
Here is a group of intelligent, funny women, of all ages and races, discussing how to better the situation for women in the fields of computer science and animation through mentoring and support. [read more]

SIGGRAPH extreme!SIGGRAPH is full of extraordinary sights, sounds, simulations and stimulations. But even in this mindblowing environment, some people manage to really stand out... [read more]

To Sleep or Not to Sleep?
Sleep. We need it, we want it, we seek to overcome our reliance on it, but it proves to be a necessity we can do nothing but accept. [read more]

So Many Ways To Go To SIGGRAPH
So you know you're going to go to SIGGRAPH 2004 in Los Angeles. Do you go as an attendee, student volunteer, student reporter, student volunteer leader, or do you go for an upper staff position? [read more]





The OVERVIEW stories aim to provide a high-level understanding of the 2003 SIGGRAPH conference.



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