What is your favorite work of art at SIGGRAPH?

This year’s SIGGRAPH immerses attendees in art while giving them more to do then just what is at the conference center. Here are what some people said about whether they were able to make the off-site art events and about their favorite works at the converence center..

"I was unable to attend any of the off site art events due to there being very little information about them. I found out about a few of the events by overhearing whispers but by then it was to late to attend. I found the scientific visualization works of art located in the animation screening room to be my favorite."

-Bonnie Kane, computer graphic artist / musician / programmer

“No, I couldn’t attend any art events that are not at the convention center because I only just arrived at SIGGRAPH today (Wednesday) and am only able to stay for the day before returning home. My favorite works of art at SIGGRAPH are a photomontage by Kaye Clark and some of the sculptures that look as if a computer had carved them. I also like how the art gallery is in the hallways this year.”

Barbara Ellison, associate technical director

"I will be attending one of the SIGGRAPH art events in town later today (Wednesday). I have no favorites yet because I am saving the art gallery for later.”

Marilyn McDonald, sales/marketing

"No, I’m too busy working at my company’s booth. My favorite art exhibit is a bunch of self portraits by the hot pretzel stand.”

Mike LaPan, marketing coordinator


"No, I have no time to travel into town. I am here at SIGGRAPH for the Courses and Papers. The wall of mist being used as a monitor screen at the Emerging Technologies is my favorite art piece.”

Anonymous, r&d dngineer

“No, I’m not much into art. The freaky technical stuff at Emerging Technologies.”

Otavio Good, programmer / founder, Secret Level

"No, I drove from Anaheim, so I have no time to attend the art events in town. There are a lot of interesting things to see and the people who created the art along with those that set up the gallery should be proud because their hard work shows.”

Catherine Walter, chief financial officer

“No, too many time constraints and the art events overlapped other SIGGRAPH events I want to see. I am disappointed that I missed the art events on Sunday. I really like the range of artwork that’s on display from the work hanging on the wall to the interactive pieces and animation work. The whole continuum is impressive.”

Philip Sanders, artist / educator / professional

Yes, I attended the Sake Barrel party on Sunday night. I plan to spend all Thursday looking at the art exhibits, while the rest of the week I will spend looking at the technology of SIGGRAPH. I really enjoy the electronic interactive art.”

Rob King, PhD candidate

"I have gone to some of the closer in town events, however I regret not going to more of the events on Sunday afternoon. I liked how the art gallery is out and mixed in with the rest of SIGGRAPH this year.”

Cynthia Beth Rubin, digital artist





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