What part of SIGGRAPH do you find most enjoyable?

SIGGRAPH 2003 attendees don't just come for the papers. Here are what the crowd-goers say about their favorite parts of the 2003 Conference.


Courses: A chance to learn things that I could not at school!

-Mindy McCutchan , student

Courses: I like seeing them apply research concepts to application

-Paul Kanyuk , student

Papers: Is that the new Sony Z1? ... Papers often have more time put into them

-Thomas Kang, student

Honestly the Art Gallery. The quality of courses varies, some are done well, some are done poorly

- Kayvon Fatahalian, Student

Emerging Technologies: Exhibit lectures are quite informative

- Jai Natarajan, Independent

Sketches & Applications: "Keynote sounded like a paper"

- Hitesh Shah, Researcher

Courses: I am a student volunteer and I have not gotten to see much yet. The course (Appreciation and Criticism of the Short Animated Film) was nice

- Kristen Massi, Student

Papers: Papers and first course (Beyond Blobs) was good

-Lavanya Tekumallia, Student

Exhibition Hall: The Exhibition Hall has been my favorite

- Nicholas Dorrough, Independent

Sketches & Applications: Sketches & Applications are my favorite

-Yunseon Park, Student

Papers: The technical talks and papers are good

-Allen Jensen, Researcher (3Dlabs)

Exhibition Hall: So far the Expo.

-Donna Hithcook, Professor




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