Does art meet technology at SIGGRAPH?

We tried to get people to rate SIGGRAPH 2003 on a scale of 0 (total techie conference) to 10 (total "artsy" conference). Here are some interesting comments.

I'd put it at a 3. It certainly has improved over the years.

-Donald House,

I'd give it a 7. I think that some of the technical stuff/programming that is happening out here is also art at some other level.

-Rob McNaughton
Lead Technical Artist, Blizzard

I'd put at 5. Especially this time, because the art is beautifully distributed.

-Liz Lee, Art Teacher,
State University of New York(SUNY), Fredonia.

I dont think I can give you a number, but I can sum it up by saying that I totally agree with Alyn when he said "It's like a technical conference in an art museum".

-Rick Barry
Digital Artist

Looking purely from what I get out of it, I would put it at 7. It is totally inspiring and I would put it at 9 except that I think the sketches/applications this year are a little too technical. Also I would have imagined more visual effect demonstrations.

-Silvia Rios
Dancer, Sculptor and is studying 3D computer animation

It is my first SIGGRAPH experience, and I would put it at 5 or 6, because of all the art work around.
Christin McDermott
Jewelry Designer/artist(non-digital)

Maybe a 3. I think the conference is still leaning towards technology, and I like that too.

-James Kracht
Digital Artist/ hobby programmer

Well, you can find pockets of 10 and 0, so my guess would be 5 or 6. This is my fourth SIGGRAPH and I see that art is nicely blending into SIGGRAPH.

Thor Metzinger
Arts Institute
Denver, Co


6. Although I would not comment on the quality of the art.

-Jean Julian
Digital Artist,




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