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"f*** Yeah." -David Derrik, Center for Disease Control

What is the coolest, most impressive booth on the Exhibition Floor?
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"Nvidia, it's big and open."
-Justin Rotolo, Freelance

What part of SIGGRAPH do you find most enjoyable?
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"Papers: The technical talks and papers are good"
-Allen Jensen, Researcher (3Dlabs)

Does art meet technology at SIGGRAPH?
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"[It rates a] 6. Although I would not comment on the quality of the art." -Jean Julian
Digital Artist,

What is your favorite work of art at SIGGRAPH?
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"My favorite art exhibit is a bunch of self portraits by the hot pretzel stand.”– Mike LaPan, marketing coordinator




On the spot! is a series of quick responses from SIGGRAPH conference attendees on a common question.



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