Michael WrightMichael Wright is the SIGGRAPH 2003 Art Gallery Chair, has formally served on the ACM Siggraph Art Gallery & Education Committees as a juror, and is currently an associate professor in the Digital Media and Liberal Studies Programs at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles.

What first drew you to computer graphics? An interest in expanding my image making possibilities.
Do you have any favorite computer graphics mentors?

My mentors are artists whose work I'm drawn too.

What was the first time you contributed to SIGGRAPH?

My first contribution to SIGGRAPH was as a juror for the student show.

What year/city was your first SIGGRAPH? Which was most intense? Why?

Anaheim in the early 90s. They have all been intense and this year has been over the top due to the nature of the involvement.

What contributions to SIGGRAPH are you most proud of? This years Art Gallery and Art Gallery program.
What's your favorite thing at this year or last year's SIGGRAPH? The Gallery, the Studio, Emerging technologies, Electronic theatre, not necessarily in that order.
What near/intermediate developments in CG do you look forward to?

Stronger integration of the interface with the creative process and of course more speed. "Think it have it"




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