Andrew Glassner

Dr. Andrew Glassner is a writer-director. He started working in computer graphics in 1978, and has conducted out research at the NYIT Computer Graphics Lab, Case Western Reserve University, the IBM TJ Watson Research Lab, the Delft University of Technology, Bell Communications Research, Xerox PARC, and Microsoft Research.

What first drew you to computer graphics?

I was painting in oils when I first learned how to program a computer, so using the computer to make pictures seemed the most natural thing in the world.

Do you have any favorite computer graphics mentors?

My principal advisors at UNC, Fred Brooks and Henry Fuchs, taught me a lot
of things you don't find in textbooks.

What was the first time you contributed to SIGGRAPH?

I chaired a course in ray tracing in 1985 (I think).

What year/city was your first SIGGRAPH? Which was most intense? Why?

I first attended in 1985. My most intense year was 1994. I was the Papers Chair that year, and I had just invented the Sketches venue. I was pretty sure that the papers would go smoothly, but I was watching the Sketches
sessions closely to see if people thought that program was a good idea, and whether or not they were enjoying it.

What contributions to SIGGRAPH are you most proud of? Probably my best contributions were creating the Sketches program, and chairing the Papers Committee in 1994.
What's your favorite thing at this year or last year's SIGGRAPH? Talking to my friends.
What near/intermediate developments in CG do you look forward to?

Getting kid-friendly versions of our tools into the hands of kids.






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