Rick BarryRick Barry teaches at the Dept of Computer Graphics and Interactive Media, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY. He chairs "Courses" at SIGGRAPH 2003. [read interview]
Michael BaileyMike Bailey teaches the Introduction to Computer Graphics course that has become a fundamental at SIGGRAPH. [read interview]
Peter BraccioPeter Braccio is chair of the Guerilla Gallery at SIGGRAPH and is also involved with Oceanographic studies at Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute. [read interview]

Judith BrownJudith Brown is the former president of ACM SIGGRAPH (1999-2002), and currently the chair of the 2003-04 Nominating Committee. Brown was manager of Advanced Research Computing Services (ARCS) at University of Iowa.[read interview]

Alan Chalmers Alan Chalmers was the SIGGRAPH vice president 1999-2002, and is a professor at the University of Bristol in the U.K. [read interview]

Mathieu Desbrun

Mathieu Desbrun is the recipient of the Significant New Researcher Award at SIGGRAPH this year. [read interview]

Andrew Glassner
Dr. Andrew Glassner is a writer-director. He started working in computer graphics in 1978. [read interview]

Darin GrantDarin Grant is the SIGGRAPH 2003 Computer Animation Festival committee chair and currently Manager, Technical Directors & Software at Digital Domain. [read interview]
Marc LevoyLevoy is a pioneer of computer-assisted cartoon animation, creating tools instrumental to the shows such as The Flintstones... [read interview]

Alan NortonAlan Norton is the SIGGRAPH 2003 Web Graphics Chair, and a research professor at the Colorado School of Mines. [read interview]

Holly RushmeierHolly Rushmeier is a researcher at IBM, and was the SIGGRAPH Papers chair in 1996. [read interview]

Peter SchroederProf. Schröder is a world expert in the area of wavelet based methods for computer graphics.[read interview]

Joshua Strickon

Josh Strickon is the SIGGRAPH 2003 Emerging Technologies committee chair and finished his Ph.D. in media arts and sciences at MIT. [read interview]

Michael WrightMichael Wright is the SIGGRAPH 2003 Art Gallery Chair, and is currently an associate professor in the Digital Media and Liberal Studies Programs at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles. [read interview]



These interviews give a small indication of the diverse and talented community that is SIGGRAPH.

Previous years' interviewees:

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