The Art Surrounds You: A Talk With Michael Wright About The Art Gallery

On Monday, I migrated into the art office and was able to catch Michael Wright. As we sat down to talk I noticed he looked like a commander ready for a cyber war... [read story]

The job-hunt: Can you get game??

why, why oh why would someone travel – often times at their own expense – sometimes thousands of miles to volunteer? To meet people, to gain resume experience, to show you are passionate about what you are interested in and in one of my personal points of need – finding a job. [read story]

The Hype, the Chaos, the Swag and Miscellaneous
Walk in just before the doors open to the public and you hear the preparations that go on behind the scenes, the last minute scrambling to make things work, the pep talks and run through of the booth setup, complete with detailed presentation slides and maps. [read story]

Are we there yet? Technology at SIGGRAPH

After attending paper presentations and courses that are so overwhelmingly technical, a natural question to ask is "So does all this get out there, into the real world?" [read story]
  Being Herded At The Art Gallery
So you’ve passed some of the art in the hallway and are wondering, “What gives?” Did a couple guys get drunk and think it would be cool to swipe some of the art out of the art gallery room and set it up in the hallway? [read story]




This topic looks at the enormous variety of exhibits at the SIGGRAPH 2003 conference.

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