Being Herded At The Art Gallery

So you’ve passed some of the art in the hallway and are wondering, “What gives?” Did a couple guys get drunk and think it would be cool to swipe some of the art out of the art gallery room and set it up in the hallway? Well worry not, and go read my article on Michael Wright. Because if you are wondering why there is artwork in the hallways then you obviously haven’t read my other article.

Well here’s a quick review, the art gallery this year has been merged with the rest of the conference. This means that instead of being confined to some room off on one end of the conference, the art gallery is spread out through many of the hallways on the second floor. Okay so now your up to date, but your still wondering why. Well again here’s the quick review. Michael Wright, the art chair for SIGGRAPH 2003, wanted to do two things. First, he wanted to make it so that the art was spread all through the conference so that more people could see it and be able to enjoy the art gallery. Second, he wanted to get the city more involved with SIGGRAPH by having more art events throughout the city.

So now you’re up to speed. Now you’d just like to know if there is any specific way you’re supposed to go through the gallery. Well you’re in luck because it just so happens I was lucky enough to be included in the media guided tour of the art gallery with Michael Wright. He was kind enough to guide us through the gallery and talk a little bit about the pieces that he wanted to highlight. So not only will you find out how to go about wandering through the gallery, you’ll get a little insight as well. Cool stuff, right?

Okay here’s the path of artist’s works that we followed. We started outside of ballroom twenty by the top of the escalators with the artwork of Victor Acevedo. Then we continued to by Viktor Koen’s, Monica Ong’s, Michelle Gay’s, James Faure Walker’s, John-Dan Key’s, Jen Zen’s, Patric Lichty’s, Dorothy Simpson Krause’s, Jessica Maloney’s, Dona Geib’s, Roman Verostko’s, Jean Pierre Herbert’s, Liz Lee’s, Beverley Hood’s, Hiroko Uchiyama’s, Sheriann Ki Sun Burnham, Thea Rapp, Paras Kaul, Karin Schminke’s, Susan Parker’s, Keijo Tapanainen’s, Sheldon Brown’s, Vishal Dar’s, Michael Sansur’s, Kaye Goldman Clarke’s, Eleanor Gates-Stuart’s, Linda Hesh’s, Karl Winsum’s, Hyunsuk Kim’s, Igor Knezevic’s, Dan Baldwin’s, Timothy Tompkins’, Jason Howey’s, Mark Stock’s, Monika May’s, Atashi Kasio’s, and Stephen Burns’.

Some additional comments Michael made was that about ninety-five percent of the show was juried. He also had the largest sub committee of any of the 2003 Siggraph chairs. Lastly, I finally found out that SIGGRAPH stands for Special Interest Group Graphics.





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