SIGGRAPH extreme!

SIGGRAPH is full of extraordinary sights, sounds, simulations and stimulations. But even in this mindblowing environment, some people manage to really stand out:


Most Ribbons

7 ribbons

Masa Inakage, ACM SIGGRAPH Director at Large

Masa Inakage

Most unexpected exhibit

Digital Aromatherapy Vaporizer

VAPIR tm, Advanced Inhalation Revolutions

Most visceral exhibit

Haptics Workstation

Immersion Corporation

Most shameless display of skin
to sell hardware

KONA-HD real time graphics card demonstration

AJA Video Systems, Inc.

Most vivid hair

Bright bright pink!

Sue Gollifer, SIGGRAPH 2004 Art Gallery Chair

Most alien look

Promoting mylar Hoverdisks

Brandon Scott, Funny Magic Man

Most arachnid

Spiderlady spotted at Reception Party




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